Monday, January 29, 2007

Small Fuzzy Animals with Pouches

I'm working on yet another Wallaby for the Monkey, (he has three) who just turned one! (gratuitous icing-covered baby shots available here) Here's a progress pic of the wallaby, taken on the patio in the newly fallen snow.
I've knit the body up to the arms, including the totally cool pocket, and next to the body is one sleeve, partially worked. After the sleeves are knit, everything goes on one needle in order to do the raglan shaping. Have I mentioned that I LOVE this pattern? Can't knit enough of these. The yarn is a Red Heart variagated, I love how the striping is turning out!

I think the thing I like best is how little finishing there is to this pattern. It's not that I hate finishing, I just tend not to. It's sad to have an almost complete project living in a basket or knitting bag, when all that needs to be done is seams. Sigh! With the Wallaby, once the knitting is done, it is so close to being done. I just can't help myself but sew up the hood. So cute!

Still detemined not to buy any yarn until at least March. Not even considering a free day at all. I must be sick! I am trying to stick to the projects I picked out, but new projects keep inserting themselves into the lineup. My nephews, who are big cheerleaders for the handknit gifts their Auntie foists on them, requested socks. A friend requested helmet liners to send to US service persons in Korea. Can't deny either of those! I can even knit these from the Stash, so no shopping required.

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