Sunday, November 14, 2010

Out and About

Thank God for those sell-at-home parties. I'm not usually a fan, but tonight DH let me go to one (perhaps because they were selling food products?) and then I snuck out to the bookstore! I got to look at so many creative books and magazines and now I am feeling very refreshed and inspired!

After pouring through a big stack of magazines, I settled on just one. It was Knitter's Fall 2010 issue. It is their 100th issue, and has a TON of designs. Normally I do not buy Knitters. Simply put, the magazine is normally not a good fit for me. The magazine started moving away from pieces I thought were knitable a few years ago.

There were, however, several designs in the issue that made it a good purchase for me. First, an incredible dress and sweater set (ravelry link) designed by Ann McCauley. Awesome cables and shaping! Then, by the Knitters Design Team, a one-button cardi and by Jean Frost, a basketweave cardi. (neither of which are on Ravelry yet) There are a few more that I'm interested in making, but those are the patterns that really struck me as being worthy of paying money for.

In a temporary vacation from apples, here is today's Painter practice:

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A little corner to call my own

I have been trying to convince my husband that I need to move the boys into the same room so I can have the little bedroom as my workroom. My fantasy is to have somewhere to create in peace, away from little grabby hands. I get very inspired to have a workroom with a door every time the boys get into my art supplies. They have their own. They should keep their hands off my stuff!

Unfortunately, this fantasy workroom is not gonna happen any time soon. I think the fantasy is more about actually getting to craft, and it is unlikely that a room with a door would be enough to make that happen. So, I’ve taken over a big section of the Living Room. Once I find the desk, that is. Right now it is Clutter Central.

I cannot fit all of my materials in this area, but I should be able to fit enough to get some designing done. I got rid of some furniture to make a big empty space in the other side of the living room. If you have little kids, you know how much they love them some empty space. I’m hoping to get a little work done while they fill the empty space with toys. Then I will clear the space and we will start again. It could work!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Or not.

  • The Raisin did NOT sleep through the night last night, and because of that, neither did I.
  • I am very tired, which is not conducive to creativity or productivity.
  • When I am tired everything bothers me. Normally, I can ignore things like the HUGE pile of dirty laundry or The Monkey leaving Legos everywhere. That will not be the case today.

  • I also resent all the WORK I have to do when I’m tired. I do not want to do the laundry, or clean up after breakfast, or do the dishes, or vacuum. I’d much rather be knitting, or spinning, or designing something. Whine!

  • I am trying to convince myself to do the chores anyway. A clean house, although very rare, does make me feel very happy.

  • Shopping also makes me happy, and is MUCH more pleasant than cleaning.

  • There is just enough time while The Monkey is in school to do some major damage at the mall.

  • I might have to lock up my credit cards while he’s at school.

  • Or not.

New apple from last night, Oil Pastels (love them!!)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Creative Energy!

The Raisin slept through the night! This is not the first time, but it might be the third or fourth time since he was born - 14 and a half months ago.

Getting a full night’s sleep must be what I needed, because I am feeling VERY creative and energetic today!! In order to fulfill this burning need to create, I started playing with the Corel Painter that has been installed on my computer forever. I was having a hard time deciding what to draw/paint, so I just decided to learn how to use the tools by drawing the same subject over and over. The first thing that came to mind was apples.

Watercolor Apple

Artist’s Oils Apple

That’s it so far. I need a LOT more practice. I’m going to keep painting and drawing apples until Corel Painter is my friend.

In knitting news, I finished a sample scarf for the shop.

Soon we will be offering spin-to-knit kits for these scarves, in multiple colors. As soon as I write the instructions, that is. I'm on it!