Wednesday, January 31, 2007


The tiny amount of knitting I accomplish each day is frustrating to me. I know, just the other day I was excited about progress on the wallaby. Today, I'm frustrated. Can you say Mood Swing?

There are so many projects that I want to start. I want to start them all now. Right now. Like a petulant child, I wanna start them now, now, Now! (imagine spoiled brat foot stomp on each "now") Except I should finish what I'm working on first. That's what an adult would do, right?

Since I'm stashing along, I mustn't add to the stash. The trouble is that adding to the stash is fun, and usually relieves the boredom/frustration of moving along so slowly with the knitting. I've been fantasizing about Koigu. Piles of Koigu. Must. not. Buy. Koigu. Sigh!

Margene writes "Stash is full of potential, full of promise and good things to come." So very true, it's ridiculous. Go check out her sock yarn p0rn. You know you want to. On a similar vein, Kate Antonova wrote this article about looking at your stash in a new way on Knitty: Go, read!

Sorry for the picture-less post, there isn't any real progress to report. I'm going to go rearrange my collection. I'm hoping it will inspire me to be a good girl and finish my WIPs.

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