Thursday, November 8, 2007

It's that time again

Sweater time! Wouldn't you know, Monkey has outgrown all his sweaters from last year (yes, it's true. Kids grow. Who woulda thunk it?) My goal last year was to have a handknit sweater that fit him for every day of the week. I didn't care if it was knit by me, or if it was knit for him. So, together with handmedowns from his nephews that were knit by me and by a talented aunt, the sweaters knit for him by the Knit Chicks (thanks again, ladies) and the ones I knit specifically for him, he had (at least) seven sweaters. But now, he has outgrown them all! Yikes! I went directly to the old standby:

The wonderful wallaby. You might be sick of seeing them here, but I never tire of knitting them. It's sorta mindless after you knit the first 10 sweaters... and mindless is exactly what I needed. The brain is still on vacation from my pregnancy (yes the child is almost two. Yes I'm getting worried that the brain will decide not to return.) I think the colors are victorian Christmas, but I'm weird that way.

So the wallaby musta jump-started my knitting mojo, 'cause then I started this:

It's the Dragon Skin Wrap from the holiday issue of Interweave Knits (the holiday issue is not included in the subscription. Yeah, that bugged me too.) I know what you're thinking. This is not a boy's sweater.
Well, maybe the wallaby got my hands warmed up for this project, but not my brain. I ripped. A lot. And then I ripped again (where can the brain BE?) So not so much with the mojo, but much with the "I gotta knit that!" What's that called? Hankerings?

Anyway, it's almost done, here's a pic:

I'm knitting it in Lion Brand Cotton Ease. Next I sew the side/underarm seams, knit the collar, and the i-cord tie, then add a snap inside, and voila! I brought it to Knit Chicks and Lisa asked if it was turning out the size it was supposed to, and I can honestly say I have no idea. I didn't check my gauge (yeah I know) and haven't measured the sweater yet to see if it turned out the way the pattern said it would. I truly believe that the child who fits the sweater (now or eventually) will appear to claim it. No worries.

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