Friday, February 25, 2011

My so-called knitting club

Earlier this month, I decided to start a knitting club.  Even though I'm the only member so far, calling it a "club" seemed more friendly and less dorky (or is it more dorky to call yourself a "club"?)  I picked out projects to give as holiday gifts and organized them with needles, yarn and instructions - I always think of knitting patterns as "recipes"; not sure why. 

The plan was to knit one a month and I'd be 11 projects up on my holiday knitting.  I probably shoulda thought about this earlier and started in January, but in January there's too much pressure to pick a new years' goal and I just could not come up with something to do until the pressure was off.  I guess that's a reason to like the month of February.  "February: crappy weather, but less resolution stress than January."

February's project is a pair of socks (sorry - can't tell you who they are for) and I started them with plenty of time to complete them in February.  Then I had to re-knit the heel (foot too long), and I started a cowl for some easy knitting to work on when watching TV.   So the socks have been languishing in the knitting basket until today, when I realized there are 3 more days in February.  Including today.  The socks are barely past the heel.  It will not do to fail to finish my first project in this whole deal.  It will not do.  They must be finished before the end of the month.  No excuses.

So, I'm knitting my fingers to the bone while watching "White Collar" on DVR.  Trying to finish up BIG socks on size 1 needles is going very s l o w l y.  Keep your fingers crossed.

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