Thursday, June 20, 2013

In Love with Haruni

Well, Emily Ross goes on the genius list. Haruni is not a difficult knit, but the results sure look like it was. (I love that, it impresses the Muggles terribly.)

I finished the knitting (I was a little bummed to be finished, it was very rhythmic and pleasant) and the casting off, (which was considerable) and now I am anxious to see if I got those beautiful scallops that GirlGoneLoopy got!

Here is the unblocked shawl.

I like to wet block, so I gave Haruni a bath with a little wool wash. I squeezed the excess water out (without wringing) and then wrapped it in an old towel and let the 3YO walk on it for a bit. Then pinned it to my blocking board.

(sorry for the out of focus pic, it was dark)

After it was dry, Haruni got a photography session!

With hydrangeas from my garden.

See the scallopy goodness?

The little swirl at the corners makes me swoon.

And the point is sublime.

I got my scallops, the colors are awesome, and the shawl is finished. I am so pleased, I could pop!

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