Saturday, January 6, 2007

A time to blog

Did you ever write a letter in your head? You rewrite it over and over to get it to where it sounds great. Then, by the time you find paper and a pen, that letter is long gone. It has been replaced by a short, dull, to the point letter that takes about five words.

That's what happened to this post. I've been trying to convince myself to write this first entry for a few years, convinced myself that, like the imaginary letters I write, it would be a wonderful, easily creative experience. Yeah, right! Nothing like an empty page staring at you to scare the ideas away! So, pride be damned, this is my first post, even though it isn't the perfect prose that I dreamed it would be.

Outside my head, I am not a good writer. I tend to leave the important bits unsaid, so it is difficult to know what the hell I'm talking about. I'll fill in the blanks with lots and lots of pictures. Getting to the point is also a problem for me. (Look! Third paragraph, and she still hasn't told you what the darn blog is gonna be about!) So now that I've explained all the reasons this blog will be absolutely terrible, and I'm amazed that you're still reading...

This blog will mostly be about knitting, with a few other crafts thrown in just to mix it up. I like to make stuff. Mostly, I love to knit, but I also spin, dye, bead, quilt, sew, paint, draw, and fold. (paper, not laundry.) Knitting is the easiest to find time to do, and the craft I'm most comfy doing. Also, I can get more time to knit because it is (except for double pointed needles) one-year-old friendly. I can sit on the floor with my son while I knit, and he loves to play with the yarn. He loves moving yarn around. Takes all the yarn out of a bag, chooses a ball, puts that one back in the bag, then scatters the other balls around the house. Does that with laundry too. That's the reason I don't fold it. Complete waste of time. Pictures soon, of son and what's on the needles too!


  1. Love the blog!!

    Let's see some pictures of the pooper, 'kay?

    Did I tell you that the Lucy bag is gorgeous??

  2. Wahoo! My sis is a blogger! How cool is that?!?!

    Love the intro - you are TOO a great writer.

    Can't wait to see the exploits of the monkey when you get a chance.

    Oh yeah - cool website for you:


  3. Hello
    I enjoyed reading your blog. We have much in common. My blog was set up yesterday, we are doing scrapalong together, and I too love to make things - knitting is easiest I agree: can do it anywhere, few tools needed, etc.

  4. Welcome Lynne! I'm glad you enjoyed it! Gonna check out your blog right. NOW!