Friday, February 9, 2007

Disciplinary Action

Finishing things has never been my strong suit. I like to start things. Starting things is way more fun! You get a sense of accomplishment with a finished project, but there is a rush to starting a new project that is pretty great. I've been holding off starting a new project until I finish one. I am trying to be disciplined, which is new for me. This is very clear by the large amount of WIPs I have. I am also trying to alternate big projects with small ones, so I don't go crazy and cast on for more projects than I'm finishing. It's all part of my master plan: finish as much as possible and make room in the stash for some new yummy yarn!

To stave off boredom, I've also started swatching stitch patterns. I'm using some kitchen cotton so I'll have a mess of washcloth/dishcloths instead of swatches laying about. Hmmm, does this count as starting a new project? Dang!

I finished one of the rayon shawls I was working on. Yep, just one. I started a blue shawl after the rust one (don't ask) then worked on them both at the same time, so I still have a ways to go on the blue. The blue got more than one pattern repeat last night at Knit Chicks, so it's cruising right along!

This rust one is for someone very special! Sorry, can't tell you who yet!

Didn't the picture come out nice? I draped it over a tree branch and just as I was about to take the picture, a breeze pooched the shawl out nicely. I love it when stuff works out like that! Especially when I didn't want to stay out in the cold to take another shot... brr!

I also started a helmet liner for Margaret, who is sending a bunch to Korea for US service persons stationed there. I'm trying to put a rush on this one. Some projects are a little more important than my having new washcloths, don't you think?

Let's see: Project tally... Finished: 1 Started: 2. I am soooo grounded...


  1. Congratulations! You got one done! and now you have 2 to look forward too!

    Love the shawl... I can't think of who possibly it could be for...

    My project update: I just started 4 burp cloth projects and finished 2 of them. But am in the middle of 3 quilts and a set of placemats... The list of baby quilts is still holding steady at 10.

    I guess it runs in the family! :-)

  2. Your shawl is beauteous!! I love the drape of the fabric.
    I don't think helmet liners or yarn purchased to make helmet liners should count ... it's for the soldiers!