Friday, February 16, 2007

Brain Fart

Wendy is making a gorgeous sweater called Cromarty by Alice Starmore. Love it! I looked in Aran Knitting for the pattern, and just could not find it. Figured I missed it. Looked again. Went to bed. Got up, convinced it was there, and searched again. No Cromarty. So, I searched Wendy's blog for mention of the pattern. It isn't in Aran Knitting! It's in The Celtic Collection. Duh!

Well, searching for Cromarty has exhausted me so I can't tell you about my finished projects right now. (Multiple. Finished. Projects. Can you believe it?) I'll post pics tomorrow!

In baby news, The Monkey has discovered doorknobs. And he's tall enough to reach them. So much for stashing things in bedrooms to keep him out of them! Maybe I should stash stuff in the attic now. It should be at least a month until he figures out a way to get up there...

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