Monday, February 19, 2007

Pride goeth...

I didn't mean to brag. We had company today, and I told them (very happily) about how well The Monkey was sleeping lately, and now that DH and I switch off nights, I am getting some quality sleep, which makes me very happy. Giddy, even!

So, there I am, chatting with adults (with adults, can you imagine?) and I got a little out of hand (like I do) and went on, and on, and on about the sleep. Can you guess what happened tonight?

Last night was DH's night. TM woke up once, for an hour, and went right back out. Tonight? Not so much. I'm up for the fifth? time right now, (it's 4:30am) and have gotten about 3 hours of sleep (not contiguous). I just had to go and open my mouth! Next time, I'm sticking to talking about the weather...


  1. Those babies will do that to you every.single.time.!
    Hang in there, before you know it they're up and off to school, then college and all grown up.

  2. Yep, that's like saying out loud that "I never swatch and my stuff always turns out the right size". I won't be saying THAT one out loud again! Hope you get some better sleep soon!