Friday, March 16, 2007

Finished Object Mojo

Yesterday I groused. I whined about everything. The house is a mess. Mount Washie (pile of dirty laundry on floor next to washer) is enormous. The sink is full of dirty dishes. There are thousands of milk stains on the family room rug. No matter how much I do around here, I'm still about a week behind. The baby won't play by himself for even one minute. I don't have time for knitting, I haven't had a shower, I never get any time for me, I'm haven't gotten enough sleep, my back hurts, my tongue's asleep and my teeth itch. And then, through no fault of my own, this happened.

Today, Mount Washie is considerably smaller (It's down to the tree line already), the sink is only half full, some of the spots have been scrubbed out of the rug, the baby not only played by himself, but did not follow me and drag out everything right after I had put them away, as he usually does. It must be some sort of finished-object mojo.

The sock is Regia color #5343. (I am assuming here that "Farbe" means color. If, in fact, "Partie" is color, it is #30771.) This sock is for younger Nephew, and should fit his Mother nicely after he outgrows it. (he's eight. The monster feet on these boys...) You might be thinking it's not technically a finished project until there's TWO socks. Back off, I need this one.

See the background of the sock picture? Ice. About 1/2 inch of ice. That fell from the sky. And still coming down. Ick. I'd much rather have snow. Even rain would be better, but I definately prefer snow. Snow is "sit with a mug of hot tea and knit" weather. Freezing rain & ice is "how long will the power lines stay up?" weather. Obviously my mojo does not extend to controlling which weather we get.

As for the trekking socks that have uneven cuffs, I've decided to re-block and see if there is really an issue worthy of ripping out the tops of two socks and finishing them off, or if I'm just making a mountain out of a molehill. (totally unlike me, no matter what my husband tells you) Besides, I'm told by the highest authority that blocking is completely unneccessary for socks, so blocking is most likely what messed them up. I should do that today while my mojo is still good.


  1. Wahoo! Go finished-object Mojo!


  2. The brilliant thing about socks is that once on the feet, no one will see that T-tiny difference in height.

    go go knitting mojo