Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I meant to do that

Blocked the Trekking socks and went to put them in a box to ship them when I noticed it. Here they are, do you see it?

The feet are perfectly lined up, and they match great. (in size, not striping) It's the CUFFS that don't match. They are each 72 rows. Crap!

I don't know if my gauge changed for the second sock, or if I was in a different mood. I can imagine that if I were angry for one of them, I would be gripping the needles tight and that would reflect in the knitting. Or did I relax for the second sock? I was so excited to finish them for someone who would truly love them, and now I can't send them. Even a 10 year old receiving a gift would notice this. Any ideas on fixing it? I toyed with the idea of snipping and ripping out the last 7 rows on the longer, last 3 rows on the shorter, and finishing them off (so they look alike at the edge.) I am not looking forward to doing that...

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