Thursday, June 14, 2007

Book Review

I started reading "The Knitting Circle" by Ann Hood on Tuesday and had a hard time putting it down, even though I was crying like mad. The book is about women coming to knitting as a way to get past a tragedy in their lives. The main character, Mary, has lost her 5 year old daughter to bacterial meningitis. It is very hard not to feel how lost and shocked she is. I'm sure part of my connection with her is having a small child myself. Just thinking of losing him is overwhelming. I was surprised at how the author could revisit the characters' pain and I felt it, each time. The characters are very compelling, and it's obvious in the way she writes about knitting that the author is a knitter. (I looked it up, she really is.) I highly recommend this book, although you might want to make sure you have plenty of Kleenex nearby. Double the number of tissues if you already know the story is mostly from the author's own experience.

Aren't you glad I started blogging again? If I hadn't, you woulda missed this wonderful book review, written at least a fourth grade level! You can't get a quality review like this just anywhere... only available at your local elementary school...

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