Monday, September 6, 2010

Feather Cowl

I put the final touches on the Feather Cowl today - I like to block first, weave in ends second. It came out pretty well. I used some yummy hand dyed sock yarn from Tanis Fiber Arts.

80% superwash Merino
20% Nylon
400 yds (365 m)
Seabreeze colourway

A close-up of the lace (running sideways, knit from right to left.)

The cowl is basically a tube, knit in the round using Barbara Walker's Japanese Feather lace stitch. Easy peasy! Here it is folded in half.

And here it is scrunched up.

I think if I knit this one again, I may lose two or three repeats worth of stitches, and one repeat of the lace pattern (could be narrower and shorter). I am thinking of tacking the top and bottom together to make a doughnut with the seam on the inside, so I can just pull it over my head and go, no fussing. I'll let you know how it works out.

Having a bit of a slide lately with my routines. Not getting anywhere with the house. I think the problem is all the clutter. I keep cleaning it up and it gets spread back around. Today is Labor day, and I'm going to take advantage of a bonus day of hubby being home to help with the kids. The clutter had better watch out! I'm gathering up donations for The Salvation Army today, and loading them into the car, to deliver them tomorrow! Baby clothes and old clothes of mine. (hubby's too. Shh! Don't tell. He wants to keep that old tee shirt that hasn't fit him since college. I am sure he won't miss it.)

Next on the needles: I'm designing a poncho for a client's daughter, with matching hat and bag. Yeah! I get to knit with PINK!! That's something that someone with two boys does not get to do very often... :)

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