Friday, September 17, 2010


After wishing the Witches Stockings yarn a fond farewell today, I let the wheel rest and worked on my current knitting project. The Elizabeth Freeman Shawl KAL Group (Ravelry link) is knitting their way through three of Elizabeth's shawls. The KAL was already in progress when I joined, so I jumped in where they are and am knitting the Aeolian shawl (Knitty link). It is a beaded lace shawl with nups. I never thought I would be knitting something with (gasp!) bobbles, but it is soooo pretty I could not resist:

See? Gorgeous!

I am making the smaller version, the shawlette, because it fits the amount of yarn I have. I bought multiple shades of pink beads to go with the slightly variagated Shaefer Anne yarn (do not know the colourway off hand). Here is a progress pic:

I have a looooong way to go! Not sure what is with my current obsession with pink, but it might have something to do with living with three boys... could be!

Was not sure if I would enjoy stopping my knitting to place the beads, but it is a very enjoyable knit. Thank goodness Elizabeth designed the shawl so the beads are put on with a little crochet hook, and not threaded on at the beginning. Imagine threading 850 beads before starting knitting! If you have the patience to do that, you are MUCH more patient than I am.

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