Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Or not.

  • The Raisin did NOT sleep through the night last night, and because of that, neither did I.
  • I am very tired, which is not conducive to creativity or productivity.
  • When I am tired everything bothers me. Normally, I can ignore things like the HUGE pile of dirty laundry or The Monkey leaving Legos everywhere. That will not be the case today.

  • I also resent all the WORK I have to do when I’m tired. I do not want to do the laundry, or clean up after breakfast, or do the dishes, or vacuum. I’d much rather be knitting, or spinning, or designing something. Whine!

  • I am trying to convince myself to do the chores anyway. A clean house, although very rare, does make me feel very happy.

  • Shopping also makes me happy, and is MUCH more pleasant than cleaning.

  • There is just enough time while The Monkey is in school to do some major damage at the mall.

  • I might have to lock up my credit cards while he’s at school.

  • Or not.

New apple from last night, Oil Pastels (love them!!)

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