Sunday, November 14, 2010

Out and About

Thank God for those sell-at-home parties. I'm not usually a fan, but tonight DH let me go to one (perhaps because they were selling food products?) and then I snuck out to the bookstore! I got to look at so many creative books and magazines and now I am feeling very refreshed and inspired!

After pouring through a big stack of magazines, I settled on just one. It was Knitter's Fall 2010 issue. It is their 100th issue, and has a TON of designs. Normally I do not buy Knitters. Simply put, the magazine is normally not a good fit for me. The magazine started moving away from pieces I thought were knitable a few years ago.

There were, however, several designs in the issue that made it a good purchase for me. First, an incredible dress and sweater set (ravelry link) designed by Ann McCauley. Awesome cables and shaping! Then, by the Knitters Design Team, a one-button cardi and by Jean Frost, a basketweave cardi. (neither of which are on Ravelry yet) There are a few more that I'm interested in making, but those are the patterns that really struck me as being worthy of paying money for.

In a temporary vacation from apples, here is today's Painter practice:

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