Monday, August 13, 2012

Busy Season

Panic Time! There are only 22 days until I leave for Knitters Day Out in Harrisburg!

Arabian Nights Drawstring Bag (limited edition)

Used to be, I would be leisurely choosing what to wear and packing yarn, needles, etc. for classes at KDO. I love taking classes at KDO. I love learning something new, challenging myself, and meeting other artisans. Sharing an experience with other knitters or spinners. Making a connection to people like me, who love to create. And the classes! Awesome class selection, and top notch instructors. Instructors like Candace Eisner Strick and Kathy Zimmerman this, to name two. Some of the same instructors who teach at other venues for twice the cost. That's Value, my friends!

Not this year. This year, for the second year, I will be manning the June Pryce Fiber Arts booth in the KDO market with my sister Cheryl. I will miss the classes. But I get something even better. In a class there are maybe 20 knitters, and you get to interact with say, 5 or 6 knitters - usually just the people who are near your seat. But in the market - ya get to meet and be inspired by a whole lot more people.

Pink Starfish Drawstring Bag (OOAK)

If you are in the vicinity of Harrisburg, PA, come on by, I'd love to meet you, see what you've knit, what's on your needles. I am so pumped up with creative energy after meeting so many enthusiastic makers, I'll be riding that high for at least a month. Usually right after a show is my most creative time, when I have my best ideas. and I love having ideas. It makes me happy.

Only 26 days! There is so much to get ready - sewing bags, knitting samples, labeling, pricing, packing. So much to do, so little time!! I know, you would think that it is practically a month - should be plenty of time, but it SO isn't. I have editing, and printing, and packing, and... crap what am I going to wear? Last year it was too warm to wear a heavy knit. Do I have anything in a lightweight handknit that I can wear? I like to represent, too! Maybe I have time to knit something for myself before September 7th... Yeah, Right!

Vintage Glass Stitch markers with Blue Glass Accents
(fits to size US10 needles)

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