Saturday, August 11, 2012


It's finally dry!!
I was trying for coils, but the fiber said NO. (alright, so I wasn't doing them right. Sue me.) I'm dubbing the blobs of fluff "Cocoons".

This is a two ply yarn, using two different fibers.
the thin ply is June Pryce Fiber Arts' hand dyed Wensleydale wool in "Tropical Fish",
the thick and thin ply is Frabjous Fibers' hand dyed Merino wool in "Patina".

I plied them, and whenever I got to the thick part of the Thick and Thin, I moved the TnT to the side, making a right angle with the thin ply, letting the thick part pile up and around the thin ply. They look like cocoons to me.

I'm sure I'll be trying the coils again, I already have the fiber picked out. But first, I am spinning dog hair! Fun, Fun!

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