Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Stash or Trash?

The knitting is going so slowly that I think I'll have to approach the de-Stashing from more than one direction. There is some legacy yarn (hand-me-downs) hiding in my stash that could be considered trash by some knitters . In fact, it arrived in a trash bag, and it might just leave that way, too. The monkey is asleep, so I'm off to sort.


  1. Good plan! I've de-stashed that way at times ...

  2. With this wonderful (once a year) wintery weather in Texas... I am actually reorganizing my fabric stash.

    Thanks to Jenn I have some incentive... I am buying some more organizing units and need to keep everything all neat and tidy. I am also making sure to only make some stuff out of my stash for some presents. Joanns had a great sale this weekend and I couldn't go buy anything because of the weather! HA!

    Good luck with keeping down the stash Jenn!