Thursday, March 1, 2007

Hiding Out

Thursday is usually the day when I take a few hours and spend a night being ME, not Mama, or wifey, sister, or daughter. It is my Thursday routine to get OUT of the house, and knit with the Knit Chicks. Not tonight. Tonight I have barricaded myself into my guest room (amongst the yarn) and am pretending to be at a B&B until bedtime, when I'll rejoin my family.

Don't worry, I remembered the snacks. Unfortunately, I forgot the alcohol, and the room service here stinks. When one rings for champagne, one should not be greeted at one's door by a naked one year old, who grins at you before peeing on the floor. Cheeky. I just don't appreciate that sort of service. And he forgot the booze.

I have finished a bunch of projects. (ok, two) Will post pics soon. I'm procrastinating. Seems I'm a bit embarrased that the bulk of the projects I am finishing are all the same pattern. Yep, two more wallabies. Yawn! I started some new projects though. I started socks (from stash) for the eldest Nephew who's feet are as big as mine (he's 10). Using Trekking XXL in a cool blue with a touch of orange colorway. Also started Lizard Ridge blanket ( in Kureyon (from stash). Margie really saved me by giving me a cheat sheet for that one. I woulda never figured it out by myself. Thanks Margie!

Today marks the last day of my commitment to the StashAlong. I didn't buy yarn for two months. I didn't even use my "free"shopping days. Can't completely take credit for having such great self-control, having a one-year-old in the house makes it real easy to avoid the yarn shops. I might even sign up for another go. I kinda like it. I just need a ball of sock yarn for DBIL. He likes crayon colors, and I don't have anything like that in the stash. Maybe I'll take a couple of days off before signing back up...


  1. Hello ~ thx for sharing your success with the SAL. I am new and just starting so it was nice to hear how one finished up. Sorry about your B&B missing key ingredients and unexpected gifts ;D
    Hope the evening went better. Will stop by again.

  2. well done for completing your goal, I know what you mean about toddlers in yarn shops!

  3. I hope you were mystery shopping that B&B and gave them the appropriate review... they definately need some new staff ... I'm thinking possibly Nick Cage in his Ghost Rider outfit (did you see it - there is a topless scene, and he is TOTALLY ripped!) ...

    Wildfoote has the perfect sock yarn for your BIL - it is the same color as the primary colored Red Heart you used for Wallabies for the boys.