Saturday, March 3, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Just a quick note...

Today is Margie's birthday! Margie is a wonderful person, and I'm very lucky to be friends with her. Good friends are hard to come by. She has an awesome sense of humor that tends toward the sarcastic. She is always enthusiastic, even when she's in a bad mood. (especially then) And it doesn't take much to talk her into a yarn-store road trip. (a very good quality in a knitting friend) She also knows where to find the good snacks. (an awesome quality in a knitting friend)Did I mention that she's an incredible knitter? And you should see the quilts!

I haven't had too many friends that I can be truly honest with. One time I became really uncomfortable with a subject we were discussing and, to be truthful here, with anyone else, I wouldn't have mentioned it. But I felt I could so I did and she did something wonderful. She changed the subject. And didn't open that subject up for weeks. When it did come back up, I brought it up, not her. Have you ever felt really respected by a friend like that? I hope you have.

Happy Birthday Margie! And thanks.

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  1. Yes, indeedy - Margie is a WONDERFUL friend! I love her sense of humor! Happy Birthday, Margie!! We love you!