Monday, March 5, 2007

Timing is Everything

One row at a time is not how I usually do things, but I'm learning that it has benefits.

Usually I procrastinate until I get fed up with having no results and engage in a marathon knitting/cleaning/working session which lasts until I feel that progress has been made. Recently, I have been finding evidence that doing a little at a time has its benefits. First I found that it works in de-cluttering my house, via Flylady, a mentoring website for clutterbugs. Then I learned it worked for cleaning the house. Now I'm finding that it works for quite a bit more.

I used to knit so much at once, that my wrists would hurt. Pain would linger so I couldn't knit for a few days. When I started to Knit a little at a time to keep the pain at bay, it was very hard to put down the project. I had only knit one row! That's almost no rows! I tried to think of it as pacing myself.

When I knit one row at a time, I found I could knit another row later in the day. I managed to knit a little so often that I could get more knitting done in one day than I had before, this time without pain at all. That's not usually how it happens, but the possibility keeps me at the slow pace.

So a little at a time is how I finished this Wonderful Wallaby which started out to be for The Monkey, but since he has about 10 sweaters that are the same size, (size 2) I decided to send it to a friend, who lives in Hamilton, Ontario. I figure that it's a bit colder there, and her son might need it a little more than TM does. Besides, I love the colourway so much, I'm thinking TM needs one in the next size up!

I was rearranging the stash (fondling the sock yarn) and found another wallaby, which was almost done, it just needed a hood! so I dug right in. This one is MUCH bigger. (size 8) What was I thinking, abandoning a project that was so very close! Musta been some sort of knitting emergency...

I'm almost finished with this helmet liner, they go pretty fast, except I wait until TM goes to bed. I don't dare knit with dpns with him around. For his safety, not for the integrity of the knitting. He likes to pull dpns out of the knitting, and run away while chewing on the ends. One little trip at that point would mean he needs to go to the hospital. I'm trying to make it a year without his needing to go to the hospital, which means he has to last until the end of March. After that, he can swallow anything he likes/run with sharp implements/stick things up his nose to his little heart's content. I'm such a good Mom!

Here's the beginning of the Lizard Ridge blanket, thanks to Margie's cheat sheet. I would have waited until my brain returned (which might be a while) if I had to work straight from the pattern. I read it eight times. Eight Times. I had no clue what she was talking about. Margie made pictures, and used colors. Pretty, pretty colors. Then I got it. I am working on my third block. Unlike the pattern, I am doing mine in a purple/blue/green colourway. (I like the canadian way of spelling, don't you? Fancy!)

The first sock and a half for Eldest Nephew. The yarn is Trekking XXL in #68. Youngest Nephew (there's just the two so far) is getting neat blue and green stripes, Regia #5343. My sister seems to think they'll wear them under their birkenstocks all summer. They are such great Nephews!

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