Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Keeping Track of Progress

Knitting a little at a time means I have to remind myself of my progress so I don't go on a knitting binge, or start a mess of new projects at once. Here's an update on my project progress:

  1. "Wonderful Wallaby" by Cottage Creations in purple acrylic Red Heart
  2. (found almost finished in stash) Wallaby in "mexicali" acrylic Red Heart
  3. Barb's recipe for socks in Trekking XXL Color #68 for DNephew (yeah I finished these last night, I'll post pics soon!)


  1. (got nowhere on) Philosopher's cardigan kit "Trillium" in autumn colors
  2. (one of two done)Feather and Fan shawls from Interlacements in "Rick Rack" by Interlacements
  3. (didn't even touch) Cardigan (my design) in purple "Muskoka" by Berella
  4. (haven't thought about) Pullover (my design) in green heather "Amawalk" by Filofin (Italian)
  5. (almost done)Helmet liner in olive green Lion Brand Wool????
  6. (couldn't help but start) "Lizard Ridge" from in "Kureyon" by Noro
From the Stash

  1. Philosopher's cardigan kit "Colour your own" in pastel colors
  2. Socks for TM out of leftover/orphaned sock yarn
  3. "Nantucket Jacket" from IK Winter 2006 in blue "Muskoka" by Berella
  4. "Children's Cotton Hats" from Last Minute Knitted Gifts in 1824 cotton by Mission Falls

Isn't it amazing how the core of the UFO list did not change? Gee, I wonder why these things are not getting finished... I must really be avoiding these. I even started new projects instead of working on them.

Well it's snowing here today. I love snow. I love the way the world gets quiet when the snow comes down, and everything seems to wait. When I was little, my Mom would bake on snowy days. Now that I'm grown up (yeah, that's debateable) I always feel the need to bake when it snows. Then I knit until the feeling passes. The urge to eat all of what I bake is a definate drawback to having home baked goodies in the house. The snow is still falling. It's really piling up. Soon someone will need to shovel the driveway and walks. That's usually DH's job. I'm sure he'll work up a big hunger while he's doing that. I should make him some brownies as a reward for all that hard work, don't you think? You don't suppose he'll need them all, do you? I could eat a few and he wouldn't even know. I'm sure he'll be so grateful that I made him some that he won't even question where the corner pieces went...


  1. I find that it is both snowy (or icy here in TX) and rainy days that I get the urge to bake courtesy of growing up with Mom. I have been good but those fat free brownies by Krusteaz are FANTASTIC and not sooo bad for me. :-)

    Have you tried the "No Pudge" brand of brownies? You use plain or vanilla yogurt instead of the oil and eggs. I think they are lighter and not so dense as the Krusteaz but great for when you really, really, really need a pick me up.

    I also get the urge to do lots of cleaning when even the thought of people *maybe* coming over. Do you think that is remnant of Mom too? :-)

    Hey - where is my birthday wish? You think that sending me a box to arrive before my birthday, sending a card and singing me "Happy Birthday" over the phone is enough?!!?? ;-) I get it - you see that you are no longer my favourite... um bestest... most wonderfulest sister in the world!

  2. Congratulations on getting so much done! Every bit helps!

    I love you and look up to you to bear down on my UFO stash!