Thursday, January 6, 2011


SO the kids didn't sleep very late today but I'm still on my routine.  I've been getting up with hubby so I can shower first thing, and that seems to help a LOT.  Mt Washmore is almost gone, and the dishwasher has been run twice a day (by me) since Tuesday.  This is unusual in this house. 

Alex slept alone for a 40 minute nap, and I got a lot of work done for the Shop.  I am making sure everything is inventoried, photographed, banded, and ready to go for our sale, starting January 22nd.  50% off all supplies for knitting, spinning and felting.  (yeah, that's everything in the shop!)

I am knitting my fourth stovepipe hat.  It is a tube that is pulled closed at one end and secured with a cord lock.  ETA:  When the cord is loosened, the Stovepipe can be worn as a cowl.  So far I have knit 1 child hat, 1 adult hat with a neck flap, 1 adult hat with no flap, and the current one which is an adult hat with little girly cables on it.  They need to be photographed, then the hats will be available in the shop.  Here's an example of a stovepipe hat I knit as a Christmas present for one of my nephews:

That's hand dyed yarn by the Dyenamic Dyestress, people!  I definately need a better model, Kinnearing myself is not gonna cut it. 

Once the stovepipe hat pattern has been test knit, it will be available for available on Ravelry.  (See on the right, there's a place for patterns already?  That will link to the Ravelry store.)  If you happen to download the pattern and have any feedback, please share it!  I would love to hear your thoughts.

Alex wanted to play downstairs yesterday so I took the opportunity to look through some of the HUGE bags of yarn down there for some stuff I could use for the shop - and found quite a bit that fit the "cozy neutrals" theme a la MaryMary.  I bagged each of them up with a note inside of what I wanted to use them for and tossed them in a reuseable shopping bag.  Now when I need to start a new project, I just grab a bag!  No wondering what to knit, etc.  Yay me!  Now if I could only streamline the rest of my life...

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